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Have questions? Understandably so! We get that this is a new process for many of our parents and families, so we want to make sure all of your questions are answered. Please take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about our process. Your question might just be in there! 

Q: What is the fee for this service?

A: Service begins with a deposit of $53 required upon booking. BEFORE you book make sure to call us to get an estimate for your location!

Q: Are earrings included in the cost of service?

A: Yes! Surgical steel earrings are included in the base package. You of course have the option to upgrade to any earring in our catalogue,        the price of which will depend upon the style of earring.  

Q: What is your most expensive package? 

A: Our most expensive package is our starter genuine diamond earring package which is $350.00.

Q: Do you use a needle or a gun to do the piercings?

A: No! Commercially used piercing guns destroy the tissue around the piercing, and piercing with needles can cause extra discomfort as it is        slow and painful. We instead use a specialized piercing instrument. Our instrument is designed to be as subtle as possible, eliminating 

    loud noises, while simultaneously providing a gentle touch, minimizing discomfort. Not to mention, our instrument is the most sterile method      of piercing since it does not make direct contact with the skin and only let's the earring through. 

Q: How old does my child have to be before I can book a piercing appointment?

A: The earliest we typically allow a baby to be pierced is 2 months old. We determine a baby's eligibility for piercing by the maturity of the        front and back of the earlobe. If your baby is at least 2 months of age, please be sure to send a clear and well lit picture of the the front          and back of your baby's earlobe so that we may assess your baby's eligibility. 


Q: What time of the day can I schedule a piercing appointment?

A: We have a scheduling system that details everything neccessary for an appointment hereDue to the delicate and unpredictable nature of        our babies, as well as our desire to give each and every family the time and attention they deserve, we offer time frames instead of exact        arrival times.

Q: Do you only pierce babies?

A: While babies and children are our specialty, we welcome everyone who would like a piercing to schedule an appointment! Soon, we'll          even have something special for those who want piercings that are a little different.


Q: Can I book online?

A: Yes! Everything needed to book an appointment an be found here

Don't see your question here? Feel free to contact us at:

1(800) 517-9360

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