Have questions? Understandably so! We understand this is a new process for many of our parents and families. We want to make sure all of your questions are answered. Take a look at some commonly asked questions about our process. 


























What is the fee for this service?





Can I book online?

Yes! Click here to request an appointment for your location on our Facebook Page

Are earrings included in the cost of service?

Yes! You have access to our complete catalogue of earrings. There is an additional fee of  $95 if you decide to upgrade to the 

14K Genuine Diamond or 14K Cubic Zirconia earrings. 

Do you use a needle or a gun to do the piercings?

Our process is designed to eliminate any extra discomfort during the piercing. Our process ensures an accurate and perfect piercing. With that in mind, commercially used guns destroy the tissue around the piercing. Piercing with needles cause extra discomfort as it is slow and painful. So for this reason, we use a device which is called an instrument. It is very quiet. It is the most sterile method since it does not make contact with the skin. All of this makes for a very fast and gentle process.

How soon should I contact you for a piercing appointment?

Babies can be pierced as early as 2 months old in most cases. This is determined by the maturity of the front and back of the earlobe. If your baby is 2 months old, please be sure to send a well lit and clear picture of the the front and back of your baby's earlobe to help us determine if they are a good candidate for piercing at 2 months old. 

What is your most expensive package? 

Our 14K Genuine Diamond earrings are the most expensive product which starts at $95.00


What time of the day can I schedule a piercing appointment?

We currently have 3 time slots available. Depending on your location, you have the option of choosing 9:00am-12:00 pm,

12:00pm - 4:00pm, or 4:30pm-7:00pm. Due to the delicate and unpredictable nature of our babies, we are not able to provide you an exact arrival time. We want to give each baby and their family the time and attention they deserve. 

Do we get to pick the earrings?

Yes. That is the fun part! Click here to take a look at our catalogue to see which earrings will compliment your baby's beautiful features the most. Simply let us know prior to your appointment which earrings you have decided on.

Do you only pierce babies?

While babies and children are our specialty, everyone is welcome to schedule a piercing.

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